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Hey YOOO... It's ya boy Mike Wayne!

It's no secret that I like a good old ShitPost lol.

But honestly... I wouldn't keep doing it it they didn't work or provide a tangible ROI.

Shitposts literally have helped me grow FunnelStreams.Com from

Zero to a High Six Figure Business in less than ONE YEAR!

The "Shit" really works!

The Crazy thing is that despite the GooRoo's telling you that you have to create this fake online persona...

...and post 2.5 business posts every day...

...the truth is ... thats complete bullshit.

In my upcoming MasterClass, i'll reveal my never before seen "Shitposting Process",

(that was HILARIOUS to type btw)

...where I'll literally show you the EXACT process that I do to transition my crazy meme's,

polarity posts, and yes...


To build my loyal tribe of Mike Wayne "Ride or Dies" and EXPLODE my High 6 figure Business...

without gimmicky, high pressure tactics!

If you're tired of bullshit and want the inside scoop on what's REALLY working right now you won't wanna miss this!

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You'll learn:

  • How to create engaging and polarizing content that fits YOUR personality and Niche!

  • How to use Polarizing Content to find "YOUR Tribe"

  • Engagement "Secrets" to help you grow your engagement... FAST!

  • How to use Stories, DM's, Landing Pages, and Text / Email Marketing to convert Social Media Leads into Sales!

Screenshot of my September 2022 Facebook Engagement Insights (Personal Profile - 100% ORGANIC)

and YES, replay access is included!

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Screenshot of my September 2022 Facebook Engagement Insights (Personal Profile - 100% ORGANIC)

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